The Police @ the Air Canada Centre

kinnon —  July 23, 2007 — 2 Comments

Stepping off the boat onto the mainland late yesterday afternoon, I commented to a friend that “Liam and I are off to see The Police.” “Why? What’s wrong?” was her reply. (She’d heard, “the police.”)

Absolutely nothing was wrong. As Liam commented on his blog late last night,

I have very few words, only that this was a dream come true, to finally see a band I thought I would never get the chance to see. A band that has heavily influenced my music writing and my guitar playing (Andy Summers is brilliant). It was not only a dream come true, but is now the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

At one point in the show, I turned to Liam and said, “It was worth the ticket cost for this one song alone.” The song was Wrapped Around Your Finger.

The Kinnon family are all major Sting fans, but the artist I was most impressed with last night was Stewart Copeland. He was simply outstanding – whether on his extensive kit or the wonderful percussion riser behind him. (I only wish our resident drummer, Rylan, could have taken my place last night to see this show. He had to work. He sees them with his sister, when The Police return to the ACC in November.)

Was the concert too expensive? Probably. Was it worth it? Liam and I would both say yes!

Here are a few shots from my Sony Ericsson cameraphone.






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2 responses to The Police @ the Air Canada Centre

  1. Hi!

    Just tripped upon your site this morning…..managed to see The Police last light (November 8th) and it was most certainly a dream come true.

    Funny: most if not all the people I saw at the concert were my age and older ([I’m 39)

  2. Marty,
    Two of my kids were there last night. All three of my kids are muso’s and I wanted them all to experience these well-aged musicians.

    Rylan and Kaili both came home raving about last night’s show. And like me, Ry thought Copeland was the standout.


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