A Few Updates (including Allelon)

kinnon —  August 30, 2007 — 2 Comments

As the summer races to a conclusion, we Kinnons are scurrying around like field mice preparing for winter. (A rather large field mouse in my case.) Tomorrow night we move back into the loft we left almost exactly three years ago. It’s only a partial move as we grab some basic items from our Toronto storage unit. (It seems we have multiple storage units scattered across the universe – only slight hyperbole.)

On Saturday morning, Imbi, Liam and I saddle up our horses (purely metaphorically) and begin the trek to points east where Liam begins his 2nd year of University. We expect to meet up with NakedPastor whilst we are en-route. (I’m looking forward to our brief visit with David.)

CottageofficewindowviewBefore we leave our summer habitat tomorrow, I’m in the process of finishing a couple of Allelon projects. The next Roxburgh Journal netcast (available on September 4) features Alan presenting to Uniting Church leaders in Australia. Al recorded this (with his laptop and trusty Blue Snowball mic) a few weeks ago – although I think the Snowball will be retired soon for this device (available from the ae Store, no less). The pic is a shot from yesterday – when I was cutting a project for another client. The brightness between the trees is the lake.

In the Spring, Al sat down with Mennonite Mission Network Executive Director/CEO Stanley Green during a denominational conference at Luther Seminary in the Twin Cities. Imbi and I shot the interview (and if you look carefully you can see us reflected in the windows – we shot it outside) and I’m finally getting around to editing it.

Stan has his Doctorate in Missiology from Fuller and is a warm and engaging interview subject. Part One of the interview will be up on Tuesday, September 4th and be available here and on the home page.

Posting will be catch as catch can for the next week. I’m working on a post that uses Bizarro World as the primary metaphor – although Pogo will probably make an appearance. There’s too much truth in comics to ignore.

Back at you soon. Have a great Labour Day Weekend for those of you who get the first Monday in September off. (I can’t believe it’s September.)



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2 responses to A Few Updates (including Allelon)

  1. All the best for the loft-move and the journey into Fall. It’s pretty nice to see our days lengthening and spring here this weekend…

  2. Say hi to Naked Pastor for me!

    I’m back on again – had a great week off at the cottage and am now recalibrated for fall. Hope to see you sometime.


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