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kinnon —  August 28, 2007 — 2 Comments

Ayj000071-1Amani Ya Juu is a women’s sewing-marketing-training project that began in Nairobi. The name is the Kiswahili phrase for “Higher Peace.” The project works with refugee and marginalized women and now has three centres; the first, in Nairobi, the second in Rwanda and the newest, in Burundi.

Imbi met the people at Amani on her first trip to Kenya in 2000. I met them the following year when I spent a five weeks teaching in Kenya in the fall.

Ayj000041In 2002, Imbi and I returned to Kenya to team teach a television production course at Daystar University’s Nairobi campus. With our students, we produced a short video on Amani that is available on YouTube. I’ve mentioned it here before.

Ayj000055The purpose of this post is to point you at Amani’s new webstore. We love the products Amani produces – and we love the impact Amani is having on the women who work there. Please support that work by purchasing some of the gorgeous products available in the secure online store.

And here’s the video (in smaller size) that’s available full-size here.

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2 responses to Amani Ya Juu – Higher Peace

  1. Awesome site and gorgeous products. I’ll be doing some Christmas/me shopping there. I love the concept as well. Thank you for pointing us there.

  2. This products are beautiful Bill. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll have to go and check out their website.


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