Contra Pragmatism from the Gospel-Driven Church

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*Triple D‘s link blog pointed to this post, Contra Pragmatism from Jared Wilson @ his blog, The Gospel-Driven Church. (I’m not sure that four html links in one sentence is a record…but I am trying.) Jared’s points 4 and 5,

4) Worship time has become more entertainment driven not as a means to attract the lost but to ensure that a church’s “show” is better than all the other churches’ shows.

5) The embrace of pragmatism affects nearly all of a church’s aims, so that even the largest churches with the most resources do not actually plant new churches so much as they are franchising themselves. We see this currently with the satellite church movement, in which large churches with popular teachers do not raise up pastors to plant missional churches elsewhere but set up “spin-offs” where the main church teacher is shown on video screen.
This means that either a) really big churches with lots of money and personnel are somehow unable to raise up and train quality teacher-pastors, or b) they are able to do so but prefer the attraction of the celebrity quotient of their pastor. Either of those options does not bode well for the state of the missional church.

Please read Jared’s entire post. This posts fits well with the Fred Sanders essay I pointed to yesterday in Calvin, Hobbes, McLuhan, Green & Church Marketing.

[*Triple D is my name for one of Toronto’s and blogdom’s most gracious pastor/leader/writers, Dr. Darryl Dash. Triple D blogs here, here and here…and even occasionally here and here.]

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