Focusing on the Great

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From a March 29, 2005 blog post.

I ran across this post on Dig Tank a number of days ago and meant to comment on it.

Many of us live in a world where criticism appears to be the highest management goal – Let me show you all your mistakes, all the time and somehow we will all be better. But it doesn’t work that way. Critical spirits beget critical spirits – killing enthusiasm and any original ideas. If I want to escape critique then I just need to produce what the boss wants. How debilitating. Howard Mann comments thusly:

From the very early days of school, to the upper echelons of business, it’s always about focusing on improving our weak points. Rarely is it about celebrating that which makes us great.

Yes. I did say "Great". Greatness exists in most of us. And a person who doesn’t believe that shouldn’t be in business.

If all you care about with your people is their weak spots, you will have a weak company. Forever. Lucky you.

Great companies are filled with great people. The more great the group, the more great the company.

Unlocking that greatness requires a focus on finding out where each persons uniqueness lies and matching their roles to it. The more that happens the greater the power your organization will generate.

And so the same thing applies again: Unique companies are filled with unique people. The more unique the group, the more unique the company.

The overly profane yet insightful Gapingvoid reminded me of the Dig Tank post.

UPDATE: I’m reminded of the root of the word "enthusiasm" – from the Greek enthousiasmos, to be inspired by a God.



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