Handsome Hanster Strikes Again

kinnon —  August 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

Brant had Imbi laughing out loud when she read Hansen’s More Sneak Peaks: Awesomely Bold Leadership Excerpts. (I was much more restrained in my mirth.) His stuff may best be read accompanied by accordion music:

As “quarterback” of my church, I have to get the right signals from the Visionary on the Sidelines. And that’s not hard, because I’m also the Visionary on the Sidelines, calling the plays. But the point is that ministry is like football.

And it’s also like Ultimate Fighting. But it’s not like speed skating. It’s definitely not like figure skating, but it IS like running a marathon, but it’s not like one of those “race-walking” marathons, which are kind of…questionable. It’s like high-stakes poker, but not really like euchre.



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