It’s not just adding an “a” and an “l”

kinnon —  August 22, 2007 — Leave a comment

Steve Taylor riffs on what I’ve also seen a lot of lately – mission has morphed into missional without considering what the latter means – it’s just a great “new word” to use. (Kind of like the control-freak mega-church pastor I heard who, a year ago, announced his church was emergent – from what, I might wonder.)

I suddenly realised how easy it was to become missional. The publicity brochure arrived from the historical denominational seminary. They used to train missionaries and pastors. Now they were missional and pastoral. So easy. Simply add “a” and “l” and you’ve got missional.

Contrast this with some reading today; “Integral Leadership can be taught“:

“Heifetz’s methodology implies that leadership can be taught, but it is not an easy task. It requires two major changes: methodological change and change of attitude toward learning. Given the second requirement the new methodology places the participants in the midst of what’s happening. Involvement is the key.”

In other words missional leadership is not a theory, nor a set of readings, nor a program. It’s a whole lot more than adding an “a” and an “l”.

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