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kinnon —  August 24, 2007 — 1 Comment

Nothing much happening around here today. (Although you are welcome to do some shopping in the ae Store, of course – see the previous post.)

You might as well head over to Jared’s blog and read some very good writing. A riff on an earlier iMonk post. Jared’s post – The Hard Stuff of Real Lives. From his concluding paragraphs,

…the substance of lives troubled by broken families, broken hearts, substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, adultery, pornography, grief over lost loved ones or prodigal children or prodigal parents, lost jobs, lost joys, secret sins and secret shames, doubt and hurt and need and guilt will not be healed by words, but by the living witness of the Body of Christ being the body of Christ to them. The friends of the crippled man didn’t just tear the roof off the sucker so their friend could hear Jesus better; they lowered him down into the middle of an astonished audience so he could be healed.

Jesus Christ came to preach the good news of the coming of the kingdom of God, and everywhere he went, he testified in word and deed to the freedom life in the kingdom gives to the hurt, lost, and lonely. If we, the community the Bible calls the Body of Christ, will be true to our namesake, we will do no less. Our open door must be like the hole in the roof of that house – the place of dramatic entry into a place of real hope for real people with real hurts.

The iMonk said this, in his post that pointed me to Jared’s,

There’s a real battle going on here, and it’s not a battle about calling people out and making fun of your adversaries. It’s about whether you can sit in front of a real person and HEAR THEIR LIFE SPEAKING TO YOU.

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