John Frye & The Joy of Mini-Church

kinnon —  August 27, 2007 — 1 Comment

One of my favourite bloggers (and a member of the ECC Church Blogging Mafia, ECCCBM for short), John Frye has been blogging on the The Joy of Mini-Church. I’ve been enjoying his series. I think you will too.

Read Parts One, Two, Three and Four – and stay tuned for more. (If he isn’t already, John should be in your Google Reader.)

From Part Four:

I think a church is too large when its size distracts us from practical, nitty gritty love. When all the energies are directed into “growing” rather than into “loving,” the church has become an idol. Jesus did not say, “The world will know that you are My disciples by the massive people- warehouses you build and call churches.”

Can large churches really love God and love people? Of course! But they have to overcome so many obstacles (or, as in the movie O, Brother Where Art Thou “Ob-STACK-als”) that simply don’t exist in the smaller churches.



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  1. Hey, Bill!


    Thanks for the shout out about “the joy of mini-church” over at Jesus the Radical Pastor. I still pine to come and see you in Toronto.


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