Korean Hostages in Aghanistan

kinnon —  August 1, 2007 — 2 Comments

It’s almost as if we are embarrassed by our Korean brothers and sisters who put their lives on the line to love and serve Afghans in a dark and violent part of the world. Two of our brothers have already been martyred. The silence has been deafening…mine included.

Eugene Cho has been one of the only consistent voices – calling us to both awareness and prayer. (John Frye pointed to him yesterday.) One of my blog readers in South Africa challenged me this morning to write on this. (Thank you, NV.)

In Eugene’s words,

Spread the word. Share with your co-workers; write on your blogs; lift your prayers; voice your outrage; kneel, stand, and shout in solidarity.

UPDATE: My blog pal, Bene D is also tracking the story. Please view details there.



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2 responses to Korean Hostages in Aghanistan

  1. I got notice of this first thing this morning, via an email from a brother in Lebanon. I posted it on my blog, but wondered whether it was entirely accurate. I assume it is.

  2. Amen – use what you need from my blog -I’m tapped into Korean and Asian news sources as well as english Korean blogs that are translating what the west isn’t reporting.

    Unfortunately most of our news sources are lacking.

    Please, take what you need.


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