Recovery Mode

kinnon —  August 13, 2007 — 2 Comments

I’ve been taking it easy this weekend. Have only picked up the computer twenty or thirty times. (The computer in this case is a laptop.)

Managed to watch the Steve Jobs presentation from a while back. The new iMacs are simply gorgeous. iLife 08 is a must have – with iMovie actually looking usable now. iWork has been updated with Numbers (the new Excel competitor), which looks very good. I may need to update to the latest version of iWork, though most of my document work takes place in Google Docs these days.

I am in recovery mode from last week. Part of the time felt like a trip into Bizarro World (for those of you who read DC comics in the ’60s – if you didn’t, you’ll need to click the link to understand what I mean.) But we did get to hang with some fabulous friends (and get adopted into a great family), spent good time with our favourite Western professional and ate too many good meals at this restaurant. Though we didn’t eat any chicken livers, here.

I’ll be back later today or early tomorrow morning with a post on a resolution from some Pentecostals – pointed to by the ukulele-playing, ever-brilliant, ever-random Brad Boydston which will tie into some things Bene D and I have been talking about over a number of months.



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2 responses to Recovery Mode

  1. hehehe … at almost the same moment as I read this, the FedEx man came to our door with our (upgrade) copy of iLife’08. My husband the Mac-O-Phile had already purchased it. I can rationalize this because we are an all Mac house and my son uses GarageBand, etc. But still … it feels over consumerist somehow.

  2. I forgive you for not saying I am brilliant too. Ooohh this is going to be fun. Can’t wait:^)


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