Waikato Anglican Diocese Clergy School – New Zealand

kinnon —  August 17, 2007 — Leave a comment

My new friend, Paul Fromont has been blogging about the Waikato Anglican Diocese Clergy School. (Paul and I met at Skamania Lodge in the Columbia River Gorge, Washington State in July.) From today’s post:

One of my reflections during the recent Waikato Anglican Clergy gathering was the influence and always-present realities of power in many local church contexts (e.g. talk of “gate-keepers”); in clergy-clusters (seemingly) closed to the voices and input of (‘what-would-they-know-about-church’) laity. I was reminded of power-distribution, as I thought of “green”, “blue” and “red” zones – a useful way of thinking about the “life-cycle” of a church ,

Check out this post and follow Paul’s writing (along with his blog partner, Alan Jamieson). Paul is a good friend of one of my favourite Kiwi’s, Steve Taylor. Steve led the clergy school and the green, blue and red zones Paul refers to are from this graphic that Steve shared. (The graphic is from Al Roxburgh & Fred Romanuk’s book, The Missional Leader.)



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