And the Grizzly Will Lie Down with the Husky

kinnon —  September 10, 2007 — 2 Comments

Speaking of Faith is one of the great programs that NPR does. Krista Tippett is a wonderful host and this is a good podcast to regularly stick on your iPod.

The shot below is from Speaking of Faith’s Play, Spirit + Character SoundSeen with Stuart Brown describing Norbert Rosing’s pictures of a wild polar bear playing with a husky. Watch the 2 minute Flash Slide show from which this was taken. It will make you smile…guaranteed (or you desperately need help). [via Reddit]


And speaking of good podcasts, the next Roxburgh Journal Allelon Netcast features Al in conversation with Kath Atkinspart of the Fresh Expressions team (along with her husband, Pete) working in Lincolnshire. She’s a very good story teller.

The podcast will be up next Monday (September 17th) here. Or subscribe to the Roxburgh Journal via iTunes.

We will also have the 2nd half of the Stanley Green interview up as an Allelon Netcast video. Stan is the Executive Director/CEO of the Mennonite Mission Network. (Part One is here.)



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  1. Hey man. How is everything?

  2. Rickard,
    I miss your face, my friend. I look forward to seeing you in Eagle soon!


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