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kinnon —  September 24, 2007 — 5 Comments

Yesterday, I built a box beam. At least, that’s what I think the guy at Home Depot called it. It’s the 7′ by 6’6″ base for a very cool loft bed that Imbi and Kaili have designed. (And I really should say that Imbi and I built it – since she did as much as me.) The finished unit includes the creative recycling/reuse of three 8′ equipment racks that once sat in the Central Equipment Room of our multi-suite edit facility that lived in the loft from ’93 ’til we moved out west (however briefly) in 2004.

Ikea-Pax-DoorsSaturday, I finished a rather large IKEA PAX system installation (about 8 feet high by 12 feet across) – that replaced a wall in what was once an edit suite in our loft. ‘Twas Imbi’s design brilliance that saw how the system would work.
Dw304Pk 1And I got to play with a DeWalt reciprocating saw to create the opening for the system – as well as using it to remove the edit console that had been custom built for that room back in ’93 and weighed around a 1000 pounds. That saw will cut through anything – whether you intended it to or not. (I’ve owned the reciprocating saw for a number of years and must confess that it scares the stuffing out of me. I have visions of removing appendages whilst working with it.)

I’m only sorry that Brant wouldn’t drive up from Florida to help me. But, then again, perhaps that’s a good thing.



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5 responses to Bill, the Construction Guy

  1. Whenever I have used a reciprocating saw, I think of tim allen & home improvement …more power… It’s a great tool… it will cut through just about anything… I wonder if there is such a tool for cutting through some of the junk in church life!?

  2. Common Sense?

  3. in some of the places i know… “common sense” isn’t very common

  4. Oh … please? For those of us who are instructionally impaired … will you post photos of the finished product? Cause I’m not gettin’ it … I’ll own that. I’m just a dolt when it comes to reading spatial instructions and trying to visualize them.

    The saw looks dangerous … but then, so is common sense, when used on tightly held traditions.

  5. oooooooooo…… I want one….

    I’m imagining what that would do to the walls I have to take down in our basement….not to mention the walls when we start re-insulating the upstairs

    ar ar ar ar ar (a la Tim Allen)

    I’m with Sonja – I’d like to see a picture of the finished product.


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