Greg Boyd on the Law Suit Against God

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Greg has a short post (for him) on the Omaha Senator who’s filed suit against God for “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants” amongst other claims in his legal action. Boyd responds,

Now, it seems to me everything rides on which God takes the defense stand. If the omni-controlling God of classical Calvinism shows up, I suspect God’s defense attorney is going to have a rough time of things. He would have to concede that God in fact did all the things Chambers alleges, but that he had good reasons for doing so. His glory would have been displayed less brilliantly had each disaster alleged in the lawsuit not transpired. The burden would then be on the defense attorney to explain why his glory requires such massive nightmarish suffering (intensified to an infinite degree if Chambers brings in the traditional view of hell as eternal, hopeless, conscious suffering). This could be very rough going for God.

But I suspect a very different God will take the defense stand. In fact, I suspect the defense attorney himself will take the stand as God.

This heavenly defense attorney will no doubt testify that God is not to blame for the horrors Chambers alleges, for he had to make humans and angels free if the world was going to be capable of genuine love. And free agents themselves, not God, are responsible for the way they use their freedom. Then, given this attorney’s New Testament track record, I suspect God’s defense attorney may turn the case around on Chambers himself. “I gave my life to free the world from sin and suffering,” he may argue. “Are you doing everything you can to rid the world of sin and suffering Mr. Chambers? Why aren’t you joining my cause?”

Read the entire post at Greg’s blog.

At least the Omaha Senator isn’t going after God for the collapse of the I35 Bridge in the Twin Cities…to the best of my knowledge, that is. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up.
UPDATE: Ben Witherington does connects the dots between Chambers and John Piper’s I35 Bridge Collapse blog post. [via the iMonk]



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