IKEA Hacking and Instructables

kinnon —  September 7, 2007 — 1 Comment

Reddit turned me on to this story – IKEA hacking. I’m not the biggest fan of the Swedish giant but I did find this New York Times story rather amusing. With all the IKEA products in the Kinnon household, perhaps I could do a little hacking myself.

The story also turned me onto the Instructables website, created by M.I.T. Media Lab alumni as a forum for its users to share knowledge about how to make or do practically anything, including, as a glance at the home page the other day revealed, a quick banana nut bread and “hacking a toilet for free water.”” Way too cool – I’ve bookmarked it, as it has lots of great projects that will work here in the loft… though I won’t be hacking the toilet anytime soon.



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  1. Bill,

    If you like the “Instructables” you should check out “Make Magazine” and they have a pretty cool video podcast “Weekend Projects” with Bre Pettis that has some fun stuff… Makes me want to warm up the soldering iron.


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