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kinnon —  September 24, 2007 — Leave a comment

Kester is fed up with the level and quality of the emerging/emergent/emergence conversation. He’s moving to an entirely knew conversation software system, Conch.

Conch is “designed to emphasise the connectedness side of being part of a network, not unlike sitting round a dinner table, where certain rules about listening before speaking are important.”

You thus start by creating what they call a ‘table’ of other members. Once your table is set, you can begin posting, just as you would with any other blogging system. The difference is in the discussion element. Conch uses an algorithm to detect how the conversation around any post is going, and table members can rate other members’ comments. These ratings are then used, along with the algorithm, to invite a member of the table to post a new thought once discussion around the previous one has died down. This member can then either: post a new piece or defer to someone else in the group who they feel ought to ‘have the conch’ that time round – the allusion obviously being to Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Such a deferral gains a member ratings; members can force a new post themselves, but doing so is ratings-costly.

Read the entire post…from beginning to end. I’m going to consider signing up for Conch…just as soon as it’s available to 6’2″ Canadians with gotees, packing a few too many pounds – who subsist on Greek food from the best restaurant on the Danforth…Asteria.



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