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kinnon —  September 5, 2007 — 3 Comments

What would you do if you were on the road from Halifax to Toronto (after having visited a dear aunt and uncle…and that after dropping your oldest child at University)? My advice would be to grab a Naked Lunch. Not the Burroughs kind, but rather, lunch with the gifted, gracious and very funny, David Hayward – the Naked Pastor.

AnyonethirstyIf you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time then you know I’m a fan of David’s writing and his art. His cartoons are truly the work of a prophetic voice. Yesterday’s, which I’ve copied here (larger size at David’s blog), nails a particularly ridiculous “conversation” that is happening elsewhere in the blogosphere. (Whether David means to or not. That conversation is happening at the Little Boys with a Big Box of Matches™ blog. You can find it yourself.)

David treated Imbi and I to lunch at Sessions Café in Rothesay, New Brunswick. The food & drink were good and the conversation even better. There are many similarities between David & Lisa’s and Imbi’s & my stories (including a matching set of kids) that we could have chatted for hours. (And hopefully, when they are in Toronto in the near future, we will have that opportunity.)

In the past month, Imbi and I have had the good pleasure to meet three bloggers that I’ve known only via pixels on the screen – Brother Maynard, Jamie Arpin-Ricci and now the Naked Pastor, himself, David Hayward. (Note, for those of you who are metaphorically-challenged, David, Imbi and I were fully clothed at all times – although our conversation was rather transparent.) In each meeting, we have come away with a deeper sense of these bloggers commitment to the church…with all its warts, boils and scars. David makes this comment about our conversation,

One of the things our conversation further convinced me of is the necessity of true community, true fellowship. We can only make sense of leadership, accountability, responsibility and care when we are actually in relationship with one another. If someone in our community is going through something, it is very difficult for others not to hear about it or see it or be involved in it somehow. When we are a fellowship of friends, things like compassion and care come more naturally. When we are a fellowship of friends, authenticity and accountability are more indigenous. When a community gets too big and relationships become more manufactured and managed, it often ends up the responsibility of a committee somewhere deciding how it is going to deal with that issue out there. Keep it small to keep it real.

Thanks David for a great lunch. I look forward to you letting us reciprocate when you visit T-Dot, aka The Centre of the Universe™.

I write this from a hotel in Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Yesterday’s trip is below. We arrive back at the loft this afternoon.

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3 responses to Naked Lunch

  1. Rothsay is a great place eh? David and his wife are two people on my inner’wish I could meet’ list.

    The Little Boys with a Big Box of Matches™ vitrol and darkness spread well past that blog while you were on the road.

    Threats, raging, virtual heresy ‘hangings’ for lack of a better way to say it. I won’t be one bit surprised if I read someone has been physically assaulted or hurt in real life. Even less surprised if I read protection orders or lawsuits are initiated.

    The insane rabid rage spread like wildfire and it doesn’t appear the boys are finished crushing everyone in their way yet.
    Toxic for all of us, even the spiritually healthy.

    Very wise of you not to link. Thank you for what you did give us, it’s a timely reminder.

  2. hehehe… fully clothed at all times. yes. in body anyway… we got naked in our conversation, and it was wonderful. thanks again.

  3. If you connect with Naked here in T-Dot, please let me know – I’d love to do a beer with you guys.


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