On the Road in Nova Scotia

kinnon —  September 3, 2007 — 1 Comment

Imbi, Liam and I left Toronto at noon on Saturday…and almost immediately experienced the pleasures of holiday weekend travel. We got to come to a complete stop numerous times on the multi-lane highway between Toronto and Montreal. Once through Montreal, I realized the GPS had decided to take us via the US route – and we hadn’t brought proper ID. After a few moments of intense fellowship (Imbi was driving I was "navigating"), we managed to find a fun backroad that got us back on track. According to the GPS, the route through Canada was faster. (So why hadn’t it chosen it in the first place?)

We drove through most of the night but, thanks to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, we couldn’t find a place to lay our heads. (They were playing in Moncton, NB and most of the rooms within a 150 mile radius were booked.) Thanks to Lori @ the Comfort Inn in Amherst, NS, we did manage to get the last remaining room on the East Coast – which we got to enjoy for about three hours before needing to be on the road to Liam’s new university, St. FX – after a year at Augustine College in Ottawa.

Sunday was a whirlwind of getting him settled, getting supplies, getting more supplies and then getting the last room at the Inn here in Antigonish. Imbi and I went to bed around 7pm and got up at 8am this morning. After breakfast with Liam, we went out to get…more supplies. Imbi now has Li’s room in better than functional order and we are about to head out.

Tonight we visit with my aunt and uncle in Halifax, and then we are on the road to have a late lunch with the NakedPastor tomorrow.

We hope to be back in the city (Toronto) on Wednesday night. Perhaps I’ll have the first installment of Bizarro World up then.



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  1. “intense fellowship” … is that what it’s called? LOL …

    Best to all of you as you continue to navigate this time.


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