Pastor Ron Burgundy

kinnon —  September 13, 2007 — 3 Comments

My boys (when they are both home) often quote from one of their favourite (and, yes, I know, wildly inappropriate) movies, Anchorman. ‘Twould seem it’s a favourite of Jared Wilson’s as well.

I’m not sure how to put this . . . I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.
— Ron Burgundy

Jared riffs on Triple D’s Tim Keller – What You Need Most in a Leader post from last week. (The links go like this – Keller to Dash, Dash to Kinnon, Kinnon to David Wayne – David Wayne to Jared. Just in case you actually cared.)

What do churches look for in a pastor? I ask honestly: Has anyone ever seen a minister search ad that specifically asked for a man of integrity, monogamy, self-control, peace, financial propriety, and gentleness?
I mean, I know we want leaders who are gifted, skilled, trained, and educated. But is that all we want? A professional?

Gentleness! God forbid we seek out gentle pastors. That’s sooo not in the pastorpreneur job description. (See Jared’s post, The Entrepreneurial Pastor Trend.)

Hayward-ResultsI’m no longer in shock at what congregants are willing to accept in terms of their "senior pastor". People will put with a "flaming a**hole" as pastor as long as there are growth results. (Please note that I am using the rather strong descriptive phrase in light of the book by distinguished Stanford professor, Bob Sutton, The No-Asshole Rule – a must read.) It matters not whether growth comes from other churches or from "new believers". In fact, it’s often easier to deal with transfer growth because there are fewer apparent discipleship needs – discipleship being such a strong component of Western Christian life. (Pure sarcasm.)

I stood in the check out line of a Vancouver grocery store yesterday, my eyesight overwhelmed by images on the covers of celebrity mags. Gossip dripping from their covers like an intoxicating fungus, feeding a desire for voyeuristic insight into the lives of these supposed stars. It turned my stomach. But it is the same spirit at work that causes us to accept smooth-tongued beautiful people as church leaders – character be damned.

Pastor Ron Burgundy, anyone?

(The image is from David Hayward’s post from today.)



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3 responses to Pastor Ron Burgundy

  1. Loved that movie.

    Dude – you can’t be in Vancouver because my phone hasn’t vibrated at me. Where are you, really??

  2. Mike,
    Flew in late Tuesday evening and back out yesterday afternoon. It was 18 hours of good meetings and a bit of sleep. Sorry I didn’t get to visit with anyone…especially you!

  3. 18 hours?! Man…

    Next time.


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