A Little Like Some Church Leadership

kinnon —  September 8, 2007 — 2 Comments


Ed Brenegar pointed to this, this morning via Terry Heaton. (Note: The first video doesn’t show up in Google Reader. You’ll need to go to my site to see it, or click on Original.) It was produced for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions and looks a lot like what passes for relationship between too many church leaders and the people in “their” congregations.

Too my mind, it fits with this video that Heather at A Deconstructed Christian pointed to earlier in the week. (Check out the conversation on her blog.)

It reminds me of the blog post I wrote two summers ago about this very same leader with his comment on "Accountability."



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2 responses to A Little Like Some Church Leadership

  1. In this case, two “Ed’s” are not better than one. The subtle implication is that his members are pathetic, weak children, and he is their father. Very scary.

  2. Hi, Bill. Thanks for the link.

    Yes, you’re right – that microsoft ad mirrors exactly a couple of churches I have had experience with. They know my demographic, they know my ministry giftings (well, they think they do), they know my personality profile. Unfortunately they missed knowing who I am. Heck, at the time I didn’t know who I really was because I was too busy looking at my ministry giftings and fitting myself into a very nice church-shaped slot.

    I think divorcing the advertiser was the best thing I ever did.


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