Roxburgh Interviews McLaren

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Alan and I shot about seventy minutes of interview with Brian McLaren yesterday morning. It will be cut into a number of shorter pieces for Allelon. With Part One of it up the first of October.

Alan and Brian spoke mostly about Brian’s new book, Everything Must Change, and the concepts and reasoning behind it. They also took some time to talk about Brian as a target of heresy hunters and watch bloggers. That is probably what I’ll put up first (even though it came at the end of the conversation).

It was a treat to sit in on a conversation between Alan and Brian – and I hope and trust you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it. (Though it would have been nice to have had two working tripods with me. I’ve managed to misplace my own in the move and had to scramble to borrow two from friends. One of the friends forgot to include the base plate screw…and I forgot to check for it. As a result, the camera that’s shooting Al is handheld. A little tiring for someone of my advanced years – but I’m confident you won’t be too upset by my “cinematographic skills”.)

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