Sore Muscles = Little Blogging

kinnon —  September 21, 2007 — 3 Comments

We began the move in to our loft at the beginning of the month. That move has intensified this week. I spent the last two days building muscle mass as we grabbed things that had been in storage since July of ’05 and brought them back to the loft. Our problem is that its a 2nd floor walkup (and each floor has 14 foot ceilings), so we’ve been negotiating stairs. This is truly a young person’s game. But it will soon be over. God willing and the creek don’t rise! (The creek would be the Don River – and it would need to rise by about 100 feet to impact us.)

Most of my blogging this week has been pointing at other folks good material. I’ll try to be back soon with responses on certain posts and some new worthwhile posts.



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3 responses to Sore Muscles = Little Blogging

  1. I feel some of your pain, Bill. I’ve been painting our 13 x 20 livingroom solo. I’m finding muscle groups that have long been silent. They wish to remain so and are whining mightily. It makes for a quiet brain.

  2. Wish I was there to help you.

    I’ve always joked that people had me as a friend because I was a big fellow who could help them move their heavy stuff. Grin.

    But that was a few years back…I don’t get called to help as often.

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Keep stirring things up after your muscle heal up.

    Keep creating,

  3. I would’ve helped, but you didn’t ask.

    I can’t fix ANYTHING. I’m completely incompetent, try as I might. But I can carry stuff good, so I love it when people ask for help moving.

    Then, I can lean on their sense of favor-returning when I break stuff.


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