A Slightly Creepy View

kinnon —  October 9, 2007 — 2 Comments

I’m staring @ my buddy George’s house. I wound down the hill to his place…and I’m just sitting here. Dee and his cars are parked in the driveway. An Avalon and a CRV.

I remember when George and I went to the Honda Dealer to check out the CRV that Dee ended up getting. It’s a funny story. I think the sales person thought we were…whatever.

I’d really love to go in.


I’m sitting @ my desk in Toronto. George lives in Pittsburgh.

Google Street View now includes Pittsburgh.

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2 responses to A Slightly Creepy View

  1. Check out this list of the “alleged” Google Street View privacy invasions already discovered in the US:

    link to laudontech.com

    There is even a Google Street View capture of a woman going in for an HIV test!

  2. The site has moved…


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