A Summer Thanksgiving Day

kinnon —  October 8, 2007 — Leave a comment

I’m writing this from the front porch of our cottage. Rylan and I have pulled the marine railroad and dock out. The lake was actually warm to be in. Not normal for this time of year. Temps are in the high 70s. One could almost get used to this global warming thing.

We had a great thanksgiving meal last night with fellow islanders – a tradition we began some years ago. We were going to completely closeup the cottage today, but the predicted weather is much to nice to not come back. Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday – Thanksgiving or otherwise.

UPDATE: We’re now home…in the heat of the city. Here’s a shot from our trip back to the mainland. The water taxi driver is Deb, Ry’s co-worker from the summer. (What a great gig for a university kid!) Imbi, Kaili and Dani (the Spoodle) are sitting. I’m up at the front of the boat taking the pic. The shot on the right is looking at the island from the South East looking North West.


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