Another late August Day…in mid-October

kinnon —  October 21, 2007 — 3 Comments


Imbi, Rylan and I are about to hop into the vehicle and head up to the Lake. We have a few more hours of work to prepare the cottage for winter…assuming winter every comes.

Highs today will be in the low-seventies with tomorrow being only slightly cooler.

Imbi and I will spend the night up north with Ry retrieving us later tomorrow. Might as well attempt to enjoy summer for as long as possible.

Oh. And if you’re wondering when this post was written. I’m measuring time in terms of T’TLLTime ‘Til Leopard Launches. Not that that’s important or anything.


My "A Little More Missional Shampoo" post is written. I’m just sitting on it for a day or two whilst I decide whether it’s appropriate as written. It’s actually called Havel, the VJ Revolution and A Little More Missional Shampoo. Be thee intrigued!

JordoncooperYou might want to read this good post from Jordon Cooper while you wait (assuming you’re going to wait, that is.) This one of his is pretty good, too.

For those of us who live in the Centre of the Universe, Jordon’s available for a bite on the 29th, as noted here. I just might take him up on the offer. Maybe Triple D will join me, eh?! (I might even bring the video camera and grab an interview.)



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3 responses to Another late August Day…in mid-October

  1. LOL … you and my husband, who pre-ordered Leopard for our family almost before I had read the e-mail from Apple.

  2. I’ll join you. Looking forward to it!

  3. ha, just read that post from Jordon this morning. Yeh, in some ways its an old conversation, in some ways all too current. I think we need to keep some of these conversations going so that new voices can join in, and preachers can dig deeper into formational issues..


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