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kinnon —  October 19, 2007 — 2 Comments

Had a great and busy week at the Allelon Missional Order event in Seabeck, Washington. ‘Twas a treat to finally meet a number of regular blog reads of mine – Len Hjalmarson and Rick Meigs, along with catching up with Andrew Jones (who apparently doesn’t remember meeting me in Montreal – I’m not that memorable) and Brother Maynard, who’s real name is…

I have some thoughts that are still perambulating through my cranial passages. One will be A Little More Missional Shampoo (’tis already partially written) and others will reflect on the Missional Order. But first we need to get a cab to the airport and fly back across the country.

But before I blog off, one of the funniest thoughts (coming out of Dwelling in the Word – Luke 10) at the event, was voiced by Glenn Hatcher, and Rick quotes it,

If the farmer worked like the current church, he would:
Plow in the barn;
Plant in the barn;
Pray that it would rain in the barn;
Harvest in the barn; and,
then burn down the barn and call it revival!

Read Rick’s response to this here.



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2 responses to Blog On, Briefly

  1. Bill: It sure was good to meet you finally along with all the others I’ve come to know via the blogosphere. Looking forward to your posts and our journey along this path.

  2. Bill…thank you so much for posting this. We were all laughing so hard that we couldn’t write it down. It wasn’t Glenn who said it…sigh…but I can’t remember the name of that lurker from TFW 😉


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