Brant’s Rule #94

kinnon —  October 26, 2007 — 1 Comment

Brant Hansen417-2Let’s make this simple: Here’s a Manliness Quotient list of activities, from Manliest to Girliest:

1) Me, boldly leading you, a leading leader of visionary leaders.

2) You, listening quietly to me boldly leading you.

3) You, teaching conversationally, among people who know you, who are allowed to challenge, ask, clarify, and teach you, too.

Friend, be a man, stand up, and do number 2.

An excerpt of an excerpt from Brant Hansen and his 417 Rules of Awesomely Bold Leadership. I’m getting tired of waiting for the book and conference tour.



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  1. “Friend, be a man, stand up, and do number 2”.
    Maybe because I’m Swedish but I would rather sit when doing #2


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