David Fitch & the Missional Order of St. Fiacre, the Gardener

kinnon —  October 9, 2007 — Leave a comment

David has written an important post on missional church planting. It is especially important in light of the Allelon-sponsored Missional Order gathering a number of us will be attending next week on the coast of Washington State. David says,

I’m looking for feedback on the commitments for the order. Are there too many? Are they repetitive? Are we missing something from your experience of missional community planting? I’m looking for help here in crafting this.

And some of the commitments are,

  • Committed to Plant Christian Communities as Gardens, not Grocery Stores
  • Committed to a lifestyle of simplicity, frugality and bi-ministerial/bi-vocationalism
  • Committed to put down roots, take up jobs, and live in this neighborhood

There’s a lot more in David’s post. He’s definitely on to something and is someone who is practicing what he preaches.

Not that I’m really anyone to say this, but I believe David to be one of the key leaders in the missional conversation. If you haven’t read his book, The Great Giveaway, take the time to pick up a copy.

And also, respond at his blog, please.

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