Hansen on Heretic Hunters

kinnon —  October 1, 2007 — Leave a comment

I have this overwhelming desire to type Hansen and Gretel when I talk about the Hanster, but I will do my level best to avoid that…and we all know my level best is, well, a little out of level…but I digress.

Brant weighs in on the whole Heretic-calling Controversy of the last ten minutes. Actually, he doesn’t weigh in at all. (I think weighing in is a boxing metaphor. Which leads me to question why I use it so often. Writers laziness, methinks – or, perhaps, just poor writing skills. I probably should take a course. Oh, wait. I already did.)

Anyway, Mark Driscoll, hip pastor-feller of a Seattle church, and probably a really wonderful human being, decided to call out some people, by name, for being heretics, or at least embracing heresy, or hanging out with heretics, or quoting them too much, or…something. Anyway, you can read about that broiling controversy elsewhere.

If I seem a little fuzzy on the details, well…bingo. That’s kind of the point. I can’t bring myself to care. I’m done with it. Just…can’t…summon…energy…

I’m sure it’s quite important, and I could get quite riled up about whatever it is, but…zzzzzzz….

The Hanster then goes on to talk about lists and stuff. It’s all good. You might just want to go read it there. (Just avoid his cooking videos. Okay.)

Oh. He’s also a brilliant cartoonist. (He’s in his Estonian flag period right now.)

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