Joel Osteen – 30% Off

kinnon —  October 19, 2007 — 7 Comments

Although I don’t disagree with the direction of this store’s assessment. I do think Joel is a lot more than 30% off!




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7 responses to Joel Osteen – 30% Off

  1. Man, it’s hard to pick on the guy. He is to nice looking.
    Hey what do you think about a Luke 10 blog? Once a week or so as a spiritual discipline and connection-with friends-on-blogs in a cool way? Any input?

  2. Good one! Thanks for the chuckle…

  3. LOL! Nice.

  4. I’d say the book should be given away as a symbol to what’s been done to the gospel with his theolgy…

    imonk wrote a classic line…the golden calf has better theology!

  5. What’s this?

    Isn’t this as graceless as the “somewhat less gracious posters from certain troubled young men in the TR world. (They like to play with matches it seems.)” from your Aug 1 post.

    Or is it perhaps like the scorn you talked about in your Sept 15 post?
    link to

    Remember your revulsion at the people who “attacked” Brian McLAren? Is this different in style or substance?

    if you are going to pass judgment, shouldn’t you be held to the same standard?

    And by the way, this observation should in no way be construed as endorsement (or allegiance) to Joel Osteen.

    Disappointedly, an observation by a kindly soul who’s been forgiven much.

  6. Karl,

    You may be right. Perhaps I am skewered by my own post. But unlike McLaren or the TR boys (all of whom I consider within the broader family), Osteen is actively preaching another gospel of health, wealth and happiness. Joel may be a believer – but he’s not remotely close to preaching the gospel. And he’s leading thousands astray. I think that’s worthy of comment.

    Michael Spencer makes the point much better than I ever could. I agree with Michael when he says, every evangelical leader needs to personally and by name repudiate and separate from Osteen, and call upon him and his followers to come back into the faith that is articulated in the Apostle’s Creed.

    I saw this poster (found outside a bookstore in Washington State) as a humorous but pointed way to both agree with Michael’s statement and comment.

    My justification aside, I appreciate your point of correction.

  7. J. Michael Matkin October 20, 2007 at 6:38 pm

    It just goes to show the difference between judgment (in a negative sense) and discernment. It’s a question of attitude. I’d happily have a beer with Osteen and shoot the breeze if I had the chance, but that doesn’t preclude me from saying that he’s wrong (definitely more than 30% – good eye, Bill). Also, if Joel wanted to show me how I was misunderstanding him, I’d be happy to listen. I don’t get that same feeling from some of Brian’s critics.


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