Mac OSX Leopard and Why I’m a Terrible Human Being

kinnon —  October 26, 2007 — 2 Comments

It seems that Purolator (who used to use the slogan “When its just got to get there”) had to do some kind of Corrective Action to my Leopard shipment. And at 5:34 this morning, it went “To the Hub.” I hope it’s having a good time. ‘Cuz it didn’t leave the Hub to come be with me. Sniff.

Then I got an email from Triple D, who told me he didn’t get his either. That made me feel better. I’m a terrible human being. (In his case, Purolator claimed his was delayed due to the weather. Wow. It was raining today. I’d hate to know what happens when there’s an actual storm.)



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2 responses to Mac OSX Leopard and Why I’m a Terrible Human Being

  1. Wow, that is really uncool, I have been counting down with a little help from Apples own website. I got my copy today at 12 noon from Purolator. Installing it on one machine as I type this, hope you get yours soon!

  2. I dropped by my local Apple store at 6 pm (along with a few hundred other people) and was rewarded with a sahweet Leopard t-shirt just for walking through the door. Serious nerd-coolness.


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