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kinnon —  October 20, 2007 — 2 Comments

Missional Computing

BobandbillOne of the important conversations @ Seabeck was which operating system is the most missional.

Loud cheers were heard from the Mac faithful when Al Roxburgh shared that Leopard would be out at the end of October.

Here I’m enumerating the number reasons that Bob Roxburgh should return to the Mac fold.


Early Morning Meetings/Eatings


Imbi caught Jim, me, Terry and Pete (representing Alberta, Ontario, Georgia and Northumbria respectively) having breakfast across the street from the conference center at Barbie’s Café.


Food and Stories – they just go together


Rick Meigs has Peggy, Glenn, Len, Dan & Pete grinning widely at his story.



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2 responses to More Shots from Seabeck

  1. Bill, it was great to meet you and your lovely bride. I look forward to getting thrown out of another bar and more late night conversation and laughter. Peace to you & your family


  2. And to you and yours. ‘Tis never a dull moment when Rickard and I get a chance to spend time together. I’m glad our lovely brides could join us – even if their presence saw us not able to gain entrance to a couple of fine establishments.


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