Our Eldest Aspires to the Perfect Life

kinnon —  October 21, 2007 — 1 Comment

Liam thinks he should press on to mega-church leadership.

My new career goal is to become a senior pastor at a megachurch. Essentially a megachurch pastor is the closest you can get to being a medieval bishop. You get a six day weekend by milking your congregants for all they are worth on Sundays. It’s almost like feudalism with the congregants as voluntary serfs. With the added bonus of being able to get married too. How ideal is that?

Gee, if Liam’s serious, he’s probably done school now. (If just a little education was good enough for Joel Osteen, and no education at all for other wannabes, Liam’s 2 years worth of post-secondary credits should be good enough for him.) That should save us a bundle. Read his whole post here.



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  1. Bill,

    You should be proud of him… Maybe I should suggest that to my son as well. He’s 15 and not sure what he’s going to do yet!

    Or maybe not…


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