Papa Al and Brother Maynard

kinnon —  October 20, 2007 — 1 Comment

AlandbromaynA number of us drove back together in two cars from Seabeck to Vancouver, BC. Bob Roxburgh convinced us to stop briefly at a Mall just before the Canadian border.

I snapped these shots with my phone of Brother Maynard and Al Roxburgh engaged in deep theological conversations…or they were discussing what we were going to have for dinner – I’m not sure which. (We did have a fabulous pasta dish later that evening – that Alan cooked for the lot of us.)

Sara Jane Walker named it Papa Al and Brother Maynard.



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One response to Papa Al and Brother Maynard

  1. I’m not sure how much “discussion” it was… as you can see, you never did manage to catch an image of me saying anything! I would prod a little and get Al onto a given topic, then try to absorb the intellectual prowess that poured forth. It was very good, actually, as I was able to get clarity on some things he’d said during the gathering and on some ideas I was nursing along. Although the paparazzi was a bit distracting….

    Thursday evening was a culinary and conversational treat as well, and I enjoyed the whole affair. We arrived at Al’s place and after a bit, food and wine somehow began to appear. The puzzle was resolved for me on the tasting when it became clear that Al must have a team of faeries in a back room someplace.

    I discovered John Gilmore to be as enamoured of John’s gospel as I am, and a wine maker to boot. I know who to look up in Australia for sure now.


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