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kinnon —  October 30, 2007 — 3 Comments

Raising Up Some Dental Floss

When I think of Montana, I always think of dental floss. Probably too much listening to this guy in my misspent youth. (I need to check and see if his stuff is available from iTunes.)

So. Why am I talking about Montana. Well. Triple D, Brian Mullins and I sat down with the returning-to-Canada-from-the-Bahamas, Jordon Cooper at a restaurant called Montana’s on the airport strip. We were grabbing a quick dinner together. Five hours later we realized we were some of the last people in the restaurant when they dimmed the lights on us. ‘Twas great to finally meet Jordon and Brian – and always good to be with the most gracious person in the blog world (and in pastoral ministry in Toronto), Triple D. He has his own review of the evening here. And we all missed Pernell and Jared. Jordon’s Soularize stories made us all wish we’d been with him. (Although I’m happy to have missed the sharks and sea lice. Yikes!)

TSK and Brian McLaren

Jordon brought up TSK’s review of McLaren’s book, Everything Must Change. Darryl and I asked him what he was talking about, it wasn’t out yet. We were both still awaiting it. We were so convincing (I offered to bet Jordon the price of his dinner that we were right) that Jordon almost believed it hadn’t been published. Turns out he was right and we were wrong. Something he’s probably used to by now.

It would seem that Google Reader missed TSK’s review – which was an update of an earlier post. Both Darryl and I are GR users. (I had discussed the McLaren review with Andrew @ Seabeck – and had been expecting it soon.)

Andrew does a great job of being gracious in his review. He expresses his concerns in a humourous and honest way – and points at some other writers to help the rest of us consider what Brian is talking about. It’s well worth the read.

On my 52nd birthday, November 1st, Part Two of the 3 part interview with Brian will be up at Allelon. We are making it available as both a Flash video and an audio podcast. Part 1, that is a discussion of dealing with criticism is available here.

Reflections on Luke 10

Paul Fromont has a great post on this passage, Sitting at a Luke 10 table in Cyberspace. For those of us returning from the Missional Order un-conference, it is particularly appropriate. (Speaking of which, check out Brother Maynard’s post on the MO from today.)

Letters from Kamp Krusty

Our part of the interweb’s Krusty Kurmudgeon, Brant Hansen comments on the “latest computer rankings” of the top churches in the United States of Amerigo Vespucci. You’d be an idiot not to be a regular reader of Brant’s. Though many of us are idiots who do read him regularly. (Read the comments.)



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  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow (1st Nov)mate. Hope you have a good one. Thanks too for the mention.

  2. 1) People who don’t read my blog are idiots
    2) People who DO read my blog are idiots

    Bill Kinnon nicely sums up the human condition.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bill! I’m looking forward to the new and improved Allelon site…


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