Roxburgh and McLaren in Conversation

kinnon —  October 1, 2007 — 1 Comment

Alan has put up a new post at his blog, the Roxburgh Journal @ Allelon. He talks about his friendship with Brian McLaren and the attacks McLaren has been experiencing.

In this interview I asked Brian why some Christians in the evangelical church seemed to be so harsh in their criticism of him. What struck me was the way this criticism was aimed at Brian personally rather than his ideas. I was trying to understand how brothers and sisters in Christ could be so deeply hurtful in personal attacks in the name of Christ. I was struck by the humility and patience of Brian’s replies and was glad to count him as a friend.

Watch the video I cut yesterday of Alan and Brian’s conversation. This actually is from the end of the conversation and is Brian and Alan discussing the criticism Brian experiences – with the pain that comes with it. I’m sure certain people will find fodder in it to beat Brian with – they are just doing what they are good it – whether it profit anyone or not.

The other two parts of this interview that focus on Brian’s new book, Everything Must Change, will be up mid-month and the beginning of November.

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  1. Haven’t yet watched the video, but a great post by Alan. Thanks for the link.


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