Thrilling Mormon Vocal Performance

kinnon —  October 20, 2007 — 3 Comments

From the kids @ Brigham Young University. I think ole’ BY ‘d be rolling over in his grave but this one had me grinning – ear, across fat face, to ear. (via De @ The Thinklings)



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3 responses to Thrilling Mormon Vocal Performance

  1. Dang, that’s better than the original. Hey Lori wonders if your lovely wife blogs? Lori started one @

  2. BY would roll over in his grave over that? I think he’d have enjoyed it as well. The popular perception of Brigham Young hardly does him or his sense of humor justice. He was known by his followers as someone with a great sense of humor and love of entertainment. If he had seen that BYU group, he’d have recommended it to his friends.

  3. huh … sort of it’s own form of “Stomp worship,” eh?


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