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kinnon —  October 28, 2007 — 9 Comments

I’m ready for church. As soon as I hit publish in ecto, I’m out the door. Heading for a building with a steeple. I may blog the experience. Or not.

UPDATE: OK. True confession time. I’ve been to the this particular church twice this year. Both times, my dear daughter has led the music team. (Kaili has been a faithful attender and is actively involved in the youth ministry.) I love to see kids actually engaged in this part of the service – and the music set was a great combination of contemporary (non-JIMB) worship and hymns. When Kaili began Be Thou My Vision a cappella, another confession, I choked up – couldn’t sing ’til almost through the first verse. (‘Tis my favourite hymn. Must be those Celtic genes.)

The sermon focused on worship. It was well delivered but left me rather cold. Worship, according to the sermonizer, was centred around the church experience. Imbi commented afterwards, when I expressed my not humble and possibly, not accurate opinion, that of course that’s how I would react as my own focus is more missional in context – and I believe true worship can occur in many ways and places.

‘Twas great to connect with old friends. I do admit that the gathered community part of the church is very attractive – but the leadership focus still seems attractional – and that I don’t find attractive.

Tonight, Imbi and I are checking out a church that’s about a 30 minute walk from us. (We’ll drive because of the rain.) We feel the need to be part of a larger community (this church is not large at all and is a neighourhood replant as the building has been an ethnic church for many years – and that mono-culture is moving north – as most mono-cultures seem to do in Toronto). I’ll let you know how that goes.

Oh. And today is Reformation Sunday. You would know that to, if you were a faithful reader of my favourite theology prof on Guam, Brad Boydston. One of the ECC blogging mafia that I regularly read. (This wonderful mafia includes Erika Haub, Scot McKnight, Susan Arnold – on a six month blog hiatus, Brad Bergfalk, John Frye and even Jamie Arpin-Ricci qualifies.)

UPDATE 2: Imbi appreciated the whole evening service. I appreciated the teach/preach. Music was a little sloooowwwwww pour moi. And the one hymn I knew (and love, Immortal Invisible) was played at half speed. But we will go back. It’s in our community and though few in numbers, there are good people with a heart for the neighbourhood there.

ECC = Evangelical Covenant Church…in case you were wondering.
Update 2.5 – I managed to leave Erika Haub out of the ECC mafia. My only excuse other than ADD (an ever present help in times of trouble, as John Stanko puts it), is that I was in such a state of confusion by not only going to a church service, but going to church services twice in one day, that I simply forgot.



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  1. Bill,
    I know I’m not in the blogging mafia or anything ;^) but I featured Be Thou My Vision in my hymns series a couple of weeks ago. 1,200 years old and still topping the charts… I’m with you, it’s a favorite of mine as well.

    Have fun church, uh, visiting.

  2. I got choked up too

  3. BroMayn,
    You’re just not an Evangelical Covenant Church blogger, that’s all.

    You should hear the Kinnon family do Be Thou My Vision – with Li doing a killer bass line.

  4. Wait, did I get kicked out? (of the mafia, that is…)

  5. Bill,
    Of course, with too many post-‘s, I’ve become 100% ecclesiastical vagrant.

    As for the Mafia, I think my status is therefore referred to as “friend of mine” rather than “friend of ours,” never to become a “made man.” ;^)

    But does that make Scot McKnight the Blogfather?

  6. Cool man, I’m looking forward to hear more about this. Oh man, I sure wish we could go out and have a beer, eh.

  7. I just realized I didn’t even touch the Mafia thing. The Godfather used to be my fav movie. How do people get in/ Do they get an offer they can’t refuse? πŸ™‚

  8. Erika,
    Good grief. I can’t believe I left you off the list. It’s almost as if the ECC and LA don’t compute in my ADDled brain.
    I promise to never use the mafia metaphor again. Until I forget, that is.
    A nice dark porter would be wonderful…and I’m writing this before 8am.

  9. What was that beer we had in Dallas? I can’t seem to remember?


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