21 Irredeemable f-Laws™ of Leadership

kinnon —  November 1, 2007 — 12 Comments

Airportpeopleblur I ran into Juan Minsick at the Vancouver Airport recently. I was heading home. He was on his way to speak at some breakout session at a mega-church conference and recognized me from my blog pic. After berating me for a few moments about the PFKA meme, Juan launched into his favourite topic, himself, and his latest attempt to capture a share of the Christendom Leadership market. After years of research, Juan has come up with his latest concept – fungible-Laws or f-Laws™ as he calls them. He has 21 of them.

He told me that he chose 21 because he sees it as the multiplication of the perfect numbers 3 and 7. Biblical math he said – he told me to look it up. As I attempted to get a word in, Juan launched into a description of his 21 f-Laws™.

21flawsbookcover The first was the f-Law™ of the ID. Getting excited, Juan said "successful church leaders know it’s all about getting their needs met. If leaders would just realize that they are the most important person in their universe – success would flow like a river."

The 2nd was the f-Law™ of Influenza. "It’s a virus baby. Leaders have got to infect people with the knowledge of their greatness." "The people’s greatness?", I asked. Minsick snorted, "Yah, right. The leaders greatness of course. People need to catch this virus so they are ready to defend their leader at any turn. No matter what the facts might be."

Minsick’s 3rd was the f-Law™ of Progress. "People need to feel that you are always moving forward. Even if the church is shrinking. You’ve got to come up with something big. Maybe build something. Or start a satellite church in another city. Whatever it takes to keep the money flowing."

The fourth was the f-Law™ of Irrigation. "You gotta keep watering the puppy," he waxed oddly. "If you want to see it grow, you’ve got to soak the sucker. But that doesn’t mean the leader is the water carrier. Good grief. If you’ve got the 1st and 2nd f-Laws™ working for you, you’ve got your people bent over with the weight of that water as they pour it all over your 4th f-Law™."

I heard my flight being called, as Minsick began to launch into his fifth, the f-Law™ of P.G. Wodehouse. As I rushed away, I heard him prattling on about the need to find your own Jeeves. Someone who could pick up after you and always make you look your best.

When I was almost out of earshot I heard him yell, "I’ve got your email from the blog. I’ll send you the rest. Get you to blog about it, maybe." As if!



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

12 responses to 21 Irredeemable f-Laws™ of Leadership

  1. Bill,
    Firstly, let me say I’m sorry you thought I was berating you about your People Formerly Known is blogs. I was only trying to help you understand my first f-Law™. ID isn’t important anymore. (That’s a little joke. Ha. Ha.)

    Thanks you for writing about my 21 f-Laws. I am believing them to be life changing for all your readers. My only issue is the picture of the bok you used. You must have a copy of a proof that I rejected. The bok is called the 21 Irrepressible f-Laws™ of Church Leadership. Irredeemable was a typo. Maybe I can send you another picture.

    If people would like an upbridged pdg of my bok, they can write me at [email protected]

    My website should be up soon too.

    Juan with f-Laws™

  2. Juan,
    You must be using Technorati or something. I’ve only just posted and hear you are commenting. Wow. You’re a little more of an internet maven than I anticipated.

    The picture came from your publisher. Are you sure it’s not the right one?

  3. Bill,
    That is very confusing. Leadership Netsport should be better than that. I will have to contact them. Thank you for this information.

    I don’t know what Technodigi is. I came by your blogger this morning to see if you had written anything good lately. And turns out you had. Maybe things are looking up around here.

  4. Bill (and Juan)–

    ROFL. Somebody had a little too much halloween candy last night! Please let us know when the book will be available thru amazon.

  5. Maria,
    Your blogger seems more consistence than Kinnon’s here. Perhaps you would be willing to review my new bok, 21 Irrepressible f-Laws™ of Church Leadership. I see that Kinnon has not yet fixed the title. Which upsets me. Perhaps Achievable Ends don’t include integrity.

  6. Juan,
    My apologies I have been out with friends. It is my birthday after all. I’m afraid I can’t change the post title, but I will make a note of the change in the body of the post.

    And Maria, on this I will agree with Juan – you have a much more consistent blog than my ADDled one here.

  7. Well done; I like your alter ego. He reminds me too much of me, unfortunately.


  8. At first I thought this was another one of your spoofs, but then I read the comments, and realized, oops, it’s for real.
    Except being targeted for leaders, I’m not sure, based on what you post here, what this has to do with leadership.
    It seems to be just another narcissist leadership tract. Yawn.

  9. Will there also be a conference?

  10. You’ll need to check Juan’s website which I’m sure he’ll have up in no time.

  11. I know we’re “not supposed to sue each other” and stuff, but…

  12. Bill,

    Priceless. You almost had me for a moment. 🙂


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