A Dollar, the LA Times and CBC’s The Hour

kinnon —  November 12, 2007 — 3 Comments

The Senator Grassley / Prosperity Preachers story is playing out pretty much as expected. The usual suspects are playing the 1st Amendment card. Grassley has demanded a complete response by December 6th, but the LA Times reports that Creflo Dollar

has taken a stand, announcing that he will consult with lawyers to determine whether the request infringes on constitutional protections of religious liberty.

"It could affect the privacy of every community church in America," he said.

Would that be every community church where the pastor has a couple of Rolls Royces, has a Gulfstream III and other jets at his disposal and can rest his head at either his million-dollar Atlanta home or $2.5 million Manhattan apartment, Dr. Dollar?

Yep, Cref’s being selfless and doing battle for the little pastor guy/gal to make sure they get the same Separation of Church and State protection as he does. God knows Cref can afford the protection.

The LATimes quotes Alan Wolfe, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life at Boston College,

"This isn’t about church and state”
“Church and state was never about giving churches the ability to break the law."

Poor Alan just doesn’t get it. These guys aren’t breaking the law, their making up their own. Is there a problem with that? And if they’re not going to be responsible to the state or national laws, why should they concern themselves with church polity and governance.

Over the last few decades, some mega-churches have eschewed internal regulating bodies. Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of New Birth, dismantled his deacon board after seven years at the helm of New Birth. In his book "Taking Over," he wrote that he received a revelation from God, who persuaded him to abandon the church’s "ungodly governmental structure."

At the end of the day, isn’t it all just good business. I mean, when the LATimes asked one of Dr. Dollar’s parishioners about his expensive transportation needs, while she waited at the bus stop across from the church, she replied that she had no problem with it, "He’s a businessman." Yep! That’s what he be.

And a smooth one, at that. Watch The Hour’s George Strombouloupolous interview Dr. Dollar below. Around the 8 minute mark, Strombo asks Cref about comments made about the lack of accountability – from an organization that may have been the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability – and Dr. CD responds,

"Well some of those guys who just want to monitor and be spiritual police…well, I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I’m more concerned about where it matters, the IRS, the government, those people who need to come in and see it."

Well, then again, maybe not the Senate part of the government, if you know what I mean, Senator Grassley.



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3 responses to A Dollar, the LA Times and CBC’s The Hour

  1. Bill,
    Might this have anything to do with those “super apostle” types of the Corinthian days? Lamentable. Hope you don’t mind, I’m linking my post today to you.

  2. Dollar’s words are embarrassing. I hate the fact that we have to speak against this kind of “stuff” with those outside the church. They see/hear this and wonder how and why Christians put up with this. Why doesn’t someone ask where Jesus is in all of this garbage?

  3. So, tell me again why the “world” has contempt for the “church”????


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