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kinnon —  November 21, 2007 — 1 Comment

Globalpeoplerepresentation My friend Susan, the Philosophical Pastor, came out briefly from her blog sabbatical to write Survey Says

First, come out with a “study” that shows that X is good for you. You must have X. X has been shown to prevent cancer and diabetes too and studies have shown almost all of us are at risk for cancer and diabetes. So buy books on how to get more X in your diet. Attend a conference on 27 ways to get your family to eat X.

Then, once the market has been saturated with X (and before it becomes too obvious that X never really did anything for you anyway except drain your pocketbook), come out with another “study” that says X has been found to increase the risk of heart disease.

Oh, but that’s okay because studies show that Y decreases the chances of heart disease! Just add Y, and you’ll be okay.

You’ll probably need some books on Y. And have you heard that exciting new speaker coming to town on “Y eat Y?” Doesn’t that sound great? You know my neighbor eats Y every day and she looks great…..

It was one of the triggers for the It isn’t all about Me post of mine, below. And I meant to link to it before I wrote that post.

Brother Maynard has written a great post on writing which you should read (or write about). This video is a good view after reading BroMayn’s post. And remember to purchase a copy of BroMayn’s new book, That You Might Believe – Praying Advent with the Gospel of John. A hard cover will be available from Lulu shortly and a pdf will be available from BroMayn’s site.

Len Hjalmarson (another Canadian blogger who is as prolific as BroMayn) has written embodiment trumps intention.

How is it that we mistake the forms for the essence, the menu for the meal? It is a religious dynamic that revolves around the need for security. Practice is critical. But when we look to external things rather than God’s gift — when we measure our sanctity by our practices, rituals, rules and behaviors, we are no longer walking in faith. When we begin to shake loose of that place in a growing understanding of the standing given to us — hidden in Christ — the whole world is transformed. For many it is like a new birth or a second conversion.

And, in recognition of my own consumeristic tendencies, I confess that I would really like one of these, and one of these and maybe even one of these in black, please. I’m a sinner. Forgive me Lord.

However, if you want to support the great work being done by One Laptop Per Child, you can give one and get one for six more days – consumerism with a bit more of a heart.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Americans friends. Can anyone say, Tryptophan .



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  1. Well there is one less headache in Christmas shopping.


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