A Little More Randomness

kinnon —  November 2, 2007 — 2 Comments

The King of Random

In my not humble but accurate opinion is Brad Boydston. (Not to be confused with The King of Wishful Thinking – from a band who’s name suggests what Brad did.) Who but Brad could find Organic pancakes from a Spray Can?

95 More Theses

Neither Luther nor Cluetrain but still truly inimitable, Emerging Grace pens her own.

The Young and the Restless

Triple D struggles with entering his 5th decade. (Gee, he should feel what it’s like to be just inside the third year of my 6th.)

Dock1 Falling in love with Skitch

Because of the amount of work that I do with the web, I’m often doing screen grabs. I’ve been a faithful user of Snapz Pro X for a number of years – but Skitch has stolen my heart. This little program, in beta release only, has got to be the best screen capture utility I’ve ever used. It is simply brilliant. (That’s Skitch’s icon from the Dock in Leopard.)

Benny Hinn is not involved with Heal Your Church Website

Doc Searls points to Dean Peters who’s heading on a blognated/youtubed sojourn to the Hashemite Kingdom – Jordon. Dean’s site is Heal Your Church Website – but he doesn’t dress in white suits with odd collars.

Juan and the Same

Juan Minsick (who showed up two posts ago) apparently has a twin brother, Amahl. (They are of mixed Spanish/Egyptian background.) They look so much alike that people say, "When you’ve seen Juan, you’ve seen Amahl." (Pun shamelessly stolen from Ben Witherington – who’s vying for the King of Punship.)



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2 responses to A Little More Randomness

  1. Thanks for the link Bill. That may have been a bit over the top, but it was a good exercise. After about 40 I was wishing Martin had been more succinct.

  2. ‘Twas truly impressive, Grace.


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