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As we work away on the new Allelon site (that is sadly taking us longer than anticipated) we’ve updated the present site with a number of new articles and the last in the three part interview with Brian McLaren on his book, Everything Must Change…and the reaction to it. Al’s Vaclav Havel point around the 17:37 point of the audio is important in understanding where Brian is coming from in his new book. I reference this in my post, Havel, the VJ Revolution and A Little More Missional Shampoo.

The three part interview is available as audio on iTunes, on Alan’s blog, the Roxburgh Journal and as video here: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Note, I’ve done a minor re-edit to Part One (making Al’s intro a little more pithy) and adjusting the shots to make them a little more pleasing. (The joys of shooting HD and editing SD.)

As well, from the Allelon Front Page:

Al is also making his new book, Missional MapMaking available in pdf installments. The Intro and Chapter One are both up.

Harvard PhD candidate and founder of Friends of Justice, Lydia Bean writes Missional Conversion? How I Became a Christian.

And Clark Cowden has a very good article, What is God Doing Underground and When will We See It? This article also appeared as a post at the PGF Outbox – a blog you should subscribe to.



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