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kinnon —  November 7, 2007 — 4 Comments

Darryl Dash (Triple D) is always worth reading – particularly in the last couple of days. Make a point of reading his Still looking for Jephthah and Eight in 10 Canadians say they don’t need anything this Christmas posts. At the very least, check out the Advent Conspiracy that Darryl points to.

From the Jephthah post,

Jephthah got to be leader because people were looking for a quick fix instead of dealing with the deeper issues, which is still a temptation for us today. We are still looking for Jephthah’s – charismatic leaders with track records – to bail us out, but a charismatic leader and a strategic plan is not the answer to every predicament. Sometimes the issues run deeper.



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4 responses to Always worth reading Triple D

  1. Thanks for the link, Bill.

  2. Bill, thanks for the heads-up…Advent Conspiracy, nice touch.

  3. Interesting post and article on the 8 in 10 Canadians. No doubt it varies with age and some with income. This would be an interesting study in the US. I assume not as promising? Also liked the Advent Conspiracy site. Thanks for the DD link.

  4. Very interesting, I had never heard of Advent Conspiracy before. something to consider more.


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