Becoming Consumed by the Consumerist Discussion

kinnon —  November 26, 2007 — 1 Comment

I’d promise that I wouldn’t link to another post that deals with Consumerism and the Church today, but then I might find another good one.

My friend, John La Grou writes, Melting in Luxury and quotes John Chrysostom,

…see us building ourselves fine houses, and laying out gardens and baths, and buying fields: they are not willing to believe that we are preparing for another sort of residence away from our city. Do you not perceive Christ asking us to be salt and light in this world in order that we may both brace up those that are melting in luxury, and enlighten them that are darkened by the care of wealth? John Chrysostom, circa 400 A.D.



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One response to Becoming Consumed by the Consumerist Discussion

  1. Bill, this is one of those times I blogged more as a reminder to myself than anyone else. We’re (I’m) saturated with a consumer-industrial model – so foreign to the heart of Christ. And to find Chrysostum railing against “consumerism” in 400AD reminds us that our plight is nothing new – the church has been fighting with this since the beginning.


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