Cat Blog Moment – Dani’s First Birthday

kinnon —  November 11, 2007 — 1 Comment

Danibearcomment Dani, the puppy who joined the Kinnon family in January and turned us all into treacle-filled purveyors of constant cute comments turns ONE today. She is truly a constant source of amusement…even when she’s getting into things she shouldn’t.

This shot was not posed last week. She’d been sitting beside one of us who had gotten up to do something. She remained in this position much longer than it took me to find my phone and snap this shot.

Happy Birthday, Puppy!


If you’re wondering what a cat blog is, let me quote Seth Godin from his eBook, Who’s There?

CAT BLOGS are blogs for and by and about the person blogging. A cat blog is about your cat and your dating travails and your boss and whatever you feel like sharing in your public diary. The vast majority of people with a cat blog don’t need or want strangers to read it.




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  1. For the ultimate in pet wh*ring, you must visit and see what she’s done with Chuckles. Scroll down for the 2008 Calendar!


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