Extending the OLPC Buy One Get One Offer ’til the End of the Year

kinnon —  November 22, 2007 — 1 Comment


Engadget reports that the OLPC offer I mentioned yesterday has now be extended ’til the end of the year. Read more about it here. From the best gadget blog:

The deal buys both yourself (or rather, your kid supposedly) and a tot from a developing nation new XOs for just $399. Already, the non-profit claims to be pulling in about $2 Million worth of "donations" each day. They’ve also opened up bulk buying to schools in quantities of 100-999 ($299 each), 1000-9999 ($249 each), or 10,000 and more ($199). Oh, and the program is now officially renamed "Give One, Get One" (GoGo)



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One response to Extending the OLPC Buy One Get One Offer ’til the End of the Year

  1. Bill, the OLPC project is a good start in the right direction, but we can do better. NComputing is delivering mass computing for a fraction of OLPC’s cost.

    Computerworld Magazine says: “Forget the OLPC… the NComputing device can be manufactured for just $11 for its X300 model, which can support up to seven users, and $35 for the L200 model that can support up to 30 users.” NComputing has hooked up over 1/2 million kids to date.

    I think we’ll continue to see more and more in this direction, including cheap “village wireless.” Perhaps one of the main structural hurdles is leadership: many of these corrupt governments have an interest in keeping their people / villages cut-off from the outside world.


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