Fitch on Consumerism, Part Two

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David furthers the discussion of the Church and Consumerism with his post, Is the Consumerism Critique Legit? David references his own book, The Great Giveaway, to establish how long he’s been considering this issue. (The Great Giveaway was a book that was profoundly healing for me, oddly enough. It’s been a treat to get to know a little bit about the person behind the book.) David says,

I am worried that people might get the impression that my arguments against consumerism are trite, that I am one of those people who will just argue against anything Willowcreek does. The Great Giveaway was a serious attempt to engage the mega church (among other churches) with serious theological ecclesiological questions. The line of sociological thought now labeled "consumerism" was a part of The Great Giveway. I think the "consumerism" critique is important and should not be dismissed abruptly or misused. To this end, I offer a few basic thoughts on consumerism and a plea: Could we please, mega churches and the rest of us, have a serious conversation on the ills of consumerism and what this means for the call to be the faithful people of God for our time? (Emphasis added)

Please read the entire post. David’s earlier post is here.

Adverpacman01 For further consideration:
Darryl Dash has been blogging about Paul Metzger’s book on this topic, Consuming Jesus here, here, and here.

You can read also my earlier posts on the issue: Suggestions from the Consumer-driven Life and It isn’t all about Me!



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