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kinnon —  November 14, 2007 — Leave a comment

David’s written an important post on Willow Creek’s Reveal. I’ll have more to say about it after a night’s rest.

UPDATE: After a mediocre night’s sleep, I wrote the post above. Sarcasm won over grace. (Which is the norm here at ae, unfortunately.) Here’s another couple of important posts to read on or around this topic.

Wess Daniels on Sharing Power in a Flattened World. Part of this series begun by Drew Ditzel. Which was part of the trigger for John La Grou’s post I linked to below. Jonny Baker’s post in the series is also a must read. Make a point of reading the comments.

UPDATE 2: Triple D points to this post from Michael Haykin. Please read it too.

UPDATE 3: Triple D has been blogging on Paul Louis Metzger’s book, Consuming Jesus. Read the posts here, here and here. Scot McKnight is reviewing the book as well – but he’s not happy with Metzger’s critique of certain mega churches. (I confess that I’ve always found there to be a certain cognitive dissonance between where Scot goes to church and the role he plays in the emerging/missional conversation. But, it’s probably just me.)



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